PSP Advert Woes

Originally published March 2003

Another criticism for UK games ads? Surely not!

Okay, maybe so. A billboard ad for the PSP displayed at the Picadilly MetroLink light rail station in Manchester has been covered up by JC Decaux, the company maintaining the board, reports Manchester Online, via Kotaku.

The ad- a largely empty poster with the text "TAKE A RUNNING JUMP FROM HERE", presumably referring to any number of PSP platform games- was spotted by a staffer at the station. A spokesman for the station said: "The message goes completely against all our safety messages, particularly because Playstation is aimed at youngsters and we are constantly telling them not to trespass."

In the past few months, there have been numerous accidents on the MetroLink involving people being hit by trams, which presumably was what fuelled the initial reaction to the advert.

Sony have declined to comment, while JC Decaux claims that it was the responsibility of MetroLink and Sony's agency to ensure that the advert was suitable for display.
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