Aussie Game Ban Won't Go Away Quietly

An anti-graffiti organisation take the refusal of classification for Marc Ecko's Getting Up as a victory.

French to honour games designers

The French put down their snails and horsemeat to finally give some interactive artisans the recognition they deserve. In the form of a medal.

Games For Health

I love stories like this- things that show gaming's positive effect on the world- the sort of stories you don't get on the mainstream news outlets, simply by virtue of the fact that they're positive.

Konami falls foul of UK advertising watchdog too

This followed on from somebody else's story, as the ASA coincidentally served a flurry of negative judgements on videogame adverts.

Old Age Pixelantes

A story about the increase in the Japanese elderly picking up games consoles.

PSP Advert Woes

Turbulent times for the UK games ads industry peaked with Sony's handheld print campaign.

Public Service Gaming

A terribly-written piece about the concept of "Public Service Gaming", a cause I personally back, but sadly not one I can discuss coherently, it seems.

Roger Bennett responds to Vaz, holds little faith in bill

Post-Manhunt Fiasco fallout as a certain MP incurs the wrath of the British games industry

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